Defending Against Deepfakes and Information Warfare

    We Help Democratic Governments, Defence Agencies and Enterprises Stop the Threat of Deepfakes through a Leading AI-Based Protection Platform.

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    Our technology is used by the leading organizations in Europe

    Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
    European Union EXTERNAL ACTION
    Accelerate Estonia

    How it works

    We save time and remove uncertainty by automatically determining if digital media is AI-generated


    You upload digital media through our website or API


    Our system automatically analyzes for AI-forgery


    Determines if it’s a deepfake or not


    A visualization of manipulation is shown

    Real/manipulated face classification

    Largest database of verified deepfakes

    Multi-layer defense to enable the highest accuracy

    AI generated audio classification

    Ensemble of neural network classifers

    Our technology

    Detection modelled after cybersecurity’s standard of Defense in Depth (DiD)

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    Deepfakes 2020: The Tipping Point

    The Current Threat Landscape, its Impact on the U.S 2020 Elections, and the Coming of AI-Generated Events at Scale.

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    “My family used to live under the world's biggest disinformation apparatus - the Soviet Union.

    That's why we know first hand the consequences of information warfare and why it is one of the biggest threats to democracies.

    We will do everything in our power to help you prevent societies from ending up again in a Soviet Union like delusion.”

    Johannes Tammekänd, CEO

    - Johannes Tammekänd, CEO

    Trust the information you use to make critical decisions.

    If deepfakes go undetected then decision makers, citizens, and democratic processes will be manipulated leading to the loss of trust in democracies.